Nordic data

We offer a unique service of Nordic target groups that are built through Aller’s cooperation with all of Aller’s media houses in Finland, Sweden, and Denmark.

Nordic data

There are approximately 80 target groups and they are available for advertisers and media to use through programmatic buying. The target groups have been compiled from data from over 60 media houses and over 30 million profiles. These include significant Nordic actors such as Elle, Femina, Hänt, Café, Suomi24, Seiska, Idealista, and many others.

The data we use is reliable and has not been procured from external sources. The target groups have been put together by analyzing data from print and online media and from this forming the most interesting target groups with a Nordic perspective. The unique collaboration between Finland, Sweden, and Denmark enables the same data to be used throughout the Nordic countries, thus facilitating data selection and harmonization with advertisers and media agencies.

If you want genuine, data-driven marketing, come to us. You can learn more about Data Refinery Nordic target groups from our buyer’s guide.

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