Online audiences

We offer a unique offering of online target groups for advertisers and media companies to use on programmatic buying channels. Our enriched target groups are a result of our extensive cooperation with Aller Media and our other partners.

Online audiences

Our data is always reliable and up to date, and it is either gathered from Aller Media’s or our other partners’ websites and offline data sources, such as Aller Media’s extensive CRM database and the Finnish Population Register Center. By utilizing offline data, we have modeled different enrichments for online channels, thus making the target groups truly effective.

Our data is extensive and diverse. Within the target groups, we have demographics, a wide variety of different interests, moving prediction, residential area classifications and our unique web behavior classifications.

Get to know all of our and our partners’ target groups from the buyer’s guides below.

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Buyer’s guides

You can download all of the buyer’s guides here. The guides include all the segments with prices and background information on the data.

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