Consumer target groups

High-quality and trusted target audiences are the lenses for every advertiser and media house to use. Utilizing offline data is a powerful way to find the right consumer targeting for your business. Whether you want to approach potential customers via phone or direct mail, we help your business reach just the right people.

Consumer target groups

Along with our parent company, Aller Group, we have Finland’s largest customer database, which is GDPR compliant. We will help you reach target groups based on enriched data – not just demographics. With enriched data, we can reach consumers who are genuinely interested in your products and services.

Our consumer target groups can be utilized in both telemarketing and direct marketing without forgetting, of course, digital channels. In addition to our own registry, we offer official registries for your use, such as the Finnish Population Information System and the Finnish Transport Safety Agency. These enable targeting, for example, to families with children and vehicle owners.

When you want to get the most out of reliable and high-quality offline data which supports your campaigns, we are the right partner. Get in contact so we can plan more together!


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