Kalle Patosaari
Head of Customer Acquisition, Holiday Club

Starting point

We are living in midst of change – digitalization has changed the way of communicating and acting. It has introduced new requirements, as well possibilities. To create new opportunities and to evolve, it made sense for us to partner up.


Operational arrangements have enabled agile targeting of marketing communications. Maintaining a customer registry, digital advertising, campaign implementation, print distribution, and printing, have all been implemented as a one-stop service. Data Refinery’s way of thinking and profitable action models have served the big picture.

Utilize data, listen, and understand first, then act. Your own data is the motor of relevant marketing. Be brave, get excited, always be closing.

Kalle Patosaari Head of Customer Acquisition, Holiday Club
Tea Koivisto
Markkinointijohtaja, Laakkonen Konserni

Starting point

In 2016, Laakkonen was bringing a new product, FiksuDiili, to the market. Its reception on the market needed to be tested. Suomi24.fi was chosen for as the social media channel for the campaign, as well as look-alike targeting and radio. The campaign lasted one month.


FiksuDiili broke through and the campaign started a life of its own on social media. Customers got interested and the campaign also brought valuable earned media. The campaign was received well through feedback and reviews. FiksuDiili now makes over 10% of Laakkonen’s new cars sales.

The launch of FiksuDiili with Data Refinery is just one example of our diverse cooperation with Aller Media. Within the scope of the cooperation, in addition to targeted marketing, is also continuous updating of the customer registry and content production.

Tea Koivisto Markkinointijohtaja, Laakkonen Konserni
Saku Sahramies
Johtaja, Digitaaliset mainostuotteet, MTV Oy

Starting point

As a large media company, we wanted to be a bigger player in the data field. We were considering partnering options with another large media company that would supplement our data that is mainly sourced from news services.


After partnering up with Data Refinery, we are stronger as a data operator. We established a common data marketplace, MTV+Aller data, which effectively utilizes Data Refinery’s technology. The end product has been received well and sales have been continuously growing.


We have been extremely satisfied with our cooperation. Particularly, we appreciate open idea sparring and thought exchange.

Saku Sahramies Johtaja, Digitaaliset mainostuotteet, MTV Oy
Emmi Savonen
Digipäällikkö, Kaakon viestintä

Starting point

We were hearing Aller Media’s speech about utilizing data in digital marketing. It awoke a lot of thoughts on what we could do in the data sphere. We continued discussions with Data Refinery and things went forward. We hadn’t previously utilized the possibilities that data offers in digital sales, and it was safe to start mapping our best solution with a pioneer in the field.


We are now, from national advertisers’ point of view, an even more relevant partner and channel for digital advertising. Now that the focus has been shifted from channel thinking to people, a whole lot of completely new possibilities have opened up to us to reach different customer groups.

This has been an easy and pleasing way for us to start taking our own data strategy forward from the digital sales angle.

Emmi Savonen Digipäällikkö, Kaakon viestintä

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