Scoring, profiling, and segmentation

Genuine customer insights can only be built on a foundation of data. We offer diverse customer insights and analytics services to businesses that want to understand their customers better and to reach just the right target groups with their messages. We have many powerful tools at our disposal, such as your website’s visitor and buyer dashboards, profile reporting, customer segmentation, and predictive modeling.

Scoring, profiling, and segmentation

Profile reporting

We help your business recognize the current state of your customer base and the trends taking place with them by using profile reporting. Profile reporting is especially important when you are gathering data for your customer database or starting a customership project. In practice, profile reports are formed from, for example, the following groups:

  • All customers per population
  • New customers per the whole customer base and per population
  • Passive customers per the whole customer base

Profile reporting is an effective tool for new customer acquisition and growing customer insights. For example, if you want to acquire new customers, we can help you find the most likely buyers by searching for similar target groups from the population. Our experts will help uncover the more profitable target groups for your products or services.

Customer segmentation

Customer segmentation gives your customer a face. Segmentation answers questions such as: what sort of everyday life your customers lead, where they move, when do they shop, what stage of life are they at, which media they follow, and what motivates them. Customer segmentation can be used to create customer insights, target and personalize communications and marketing, select channels and media, measure the effectiveness of actions, and steer product development.

Customer segmentation is implemented by gathering and analyzing data and creating similarity-based segments from that data. Segmentation can utilize web behavior, transaction history, transaction channels, market research, and demographics information. To be truly beneficial, good customer segmentation must also be injectable into your customer database, population, Facebook, market research panels, and browsers.

We can customize a segmentation project for your business, or you can utilize our Nordic, generic, individual-level web behavior classification in your operations.

Scoring, profiling, and segmentation

Increasing efficiency in operative campaigning

Prediction modelling is a method that helps us find the best potential customers for your sales process from external and your own customer base. The method utilizes all available data on customers and searches for consumers with properties matching your newest product’s customers’.

Rating modelling in online marketing is called ”lookalike” – here the target group for campaigning consists of browsers whose properties are similar to those of browsers’ that have behaved in the desired way. The rating model used in preventing customer exodus is called the Churn model.

When you want to find from your customer base, Aller’s customer base, population or Nordic browsers those, that are most likely to become your customers, we absolutely recommend using rating and lookalike modelling in all channels of customer acquisition. The rating model uses all available variables simultaneously, so it finds potential buyers from different channels noticeably more efficiently than traditional profile information.

Using segmentation and purchase susceptibility together

The most efficient way to market/sell is to use prediction modelling and customer segmentation together through marketing automation. In practice this means that

  • You will continuously utilize lookalike and prediction modelling to find the real-time best functioning target groups from online, your customer base and external customer bases
  • You will send and/or show these best (potential) customers offers personalized based on their customer segment by banners, emails, letters and over the phone

We want to help you customize your marketing to be a customer understanding, up to date and relevant to the customer, channel-independent process. Whether you’re a brand, grocery or customership marketer, we guarantee that with our help you’ll increase your marketing results!

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