Enrichments are individual-level demographics information, demographic forecasts, or data about interests derived from online behavior through demographics. This information can be imported into your customer database to enrich your data – making your data richer and therefore more usable. Enriching your data helps your company create genuinely useful and valuable customer insights.


To enrich your data, we utilize, among other things, data sets from official national database Statistics Finland, the Finnish Transport Safety Agency, and Aller Media’s customer data, which cover approximately 65% of Finland’s adult population. With this data, we can enrich your business’ registries, for example, with age prediction, gender, the customer’s likely preference of ordering channel, and the likelihood of ordering over the phone. We have also modeled our customer database to include demographic and behavior-based data such as income level, web behavior classification, and predictions regarding housing situation, stage of life, dog ownership, sports interests, etc.

Why it is necessary to enrich data?

Business customer databases typically only cover information based on customer behavior such as subscriptions/orders, products, the cumulative value of customership, and the age of customership. This data is important for steering actions, but it crucially lacks descriptions of consumers based on their values, attitudes, consumption habits, and demographics. You can get more usable and explanatory data with our diverse demographics information and different predictions.

We help you create customer insights

We will help you enrich your existing customer data or start fresh without previous customer data or market research, through our rich offline and online data. For instance, information that describes your customers can be added to your customer database to help you better understand your customers and carry out more accurate analytics.

Modeling our data into your customer database is done in an agile, professional way with the lead of our experts. Read more about our analytics services here and don’t hesitate to contact us!

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