Ethics and data protection

We are committed to complying with current and relevant data privacy legislation and to protecting the privacy of our users. Your trust is important to us!

Personal data is handled in customer relationships and in other related official relationships for management and analysis, the production and personalization of services, business development and planning, as well as marketing, distance selling, opinion and market research and customer communications, which also can be carried out digitally and in a targeted manner.

The data that we process can be information that is shared by the user, gathered from web usage, and analytics-derived data. We use data to deliver services and personalization, customer service, product development, and more relevant advertising.

Data Refinery belongs to the Finnish Aller Media Group. Mutual agreements have been made between Aller Media and Data Refinery for the internal processing of personal data and providing services to the group’s customers. Data Refinery has, under contractual arrangements, the right to process personal data managed by Aller Media and provide related services to Data Refinery’s business customers.

We believe in the benefits of data and strive to provide our users with the possibility to influence and manage their data handling.

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